Monday, 24 October 2011

411: how to do the brothel creeper
Now let's not beat around the bush. It's a marmite item. You either love it, or you'd rather stick pins in your eyes. Give it a chance?
  'The Brothel Creeper' initially designed for men creeping in not so savoury parts of London, was later used in the 50s by a hip thrusting, hand-jiving Presley. UK Teddy Boys closely followed, then introducing it into their 'neo-edwardian' wardrobe, making them look all 'hardcore'. They've been a hit.
    Yet how do you wear them? Observing street style is one of the best mediums of finding style inspiration, and then you simply do it your own way.

1. Wear it with black skinnies rolled 7/8th's, and white socks for that Danny Zuko daredevil look, pair with a leather jacket or a double breasted pea coat for winter and that's it.
2. Wear it with a high waisted midi skirt a-line or straight fitted then finish with a high necked shirt tucked in. Cardi for preppy.
3.It's winter wrap your pins up,perhaps a tapered jumpsuit get the 80s involved.


artsy fartsy

indian summer-y

 That's clearly how it's done guys but...
Are you a creep?


Friday, 14 October 2011

 i wanna' take you home, baby
News had been circling since August, that Belgian fashion designer Bruno Pieters would be collaborating with Nordic fashion brand Weekday for Oct 14. So said so done. Bruno initially quit his own line claiming, "it was all getting a little bit too much", and ended the 9 year legacy of the brand. The ex Hugo by Hugo Boss creative director represents a style poignantly minimalistic. Chic lines, flowing fabrics and a monochrome pastel palette. His collaboration with Weekday epitomises the signature. It is a roundup of his past work, and possibly an omen for the Bruno to come?
Now there is good news and bad news...

Good news is: with the collection starting at just £35/€40, ranging from knitwear to work wardrobe pieces, it's the great designer look, without designer pricetag. What more to love.
Bad news is: where the heck can you get it. Unless you have a distant Scandinavian relative, or racked up airmiles with a vision to behold the glorious bounty of Stockholm, it's not available. And we've hunted, like a cat on crack.
Well, we simply have to have it. Keep us current, you gave us IKEA and Oh Land. Give us Bruno! Check it... 
Bruno Pieters X Weekday






Sunday, 9 October 2011

the search for success
We found a great article on career in Elle this month. The editor has commissioned some of the industry's best, to think of 55 tips to boost success. Those who contributed included Barbara Hulanicki, famous for saying, 'you can tell a lot about the person from the way they walk'.
   Initially going into industry, you may be under the impression that you are going to lead this razzle dazzle lifestyle, wear six inch Louboutin's every day and be Carrie Bradshaw.
    This article stressed the importance of hard work and well made desisions and well placed moves. I urge you all to hunt that isuue down like a bird of prey. (By the way it's in the separate style book, not the main publication). It's great.

1. Networking is vital.
2. Dress for the position you want.
3. Get as much work experience as you can.
4. Invest in thank-you cards.
5. Nothing good ever comes from being a jerk.
6. Learn how to say "no" with love.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

my personal best of LFW

It's been an amazing fashion week thus far as always, and so we have come to the time where we must reflect and refresh. Here are some of MADMSL's highlights.

From top to bottom:
PPQ, Erdem, Felder Felder, PPQ, Marchesa, Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang

My favourite was the PPQ collection. It was inspired. Having worked backstage with the collection, there was a lot more to it than met the eye. The UK based brand had two collaborations which they incorporated into the line, going head to head with Scottish hosiery brand Bebaroque and Jeans brand Lee. With pastel colours for spring, mixed with the rock and roll 70's aspect it made the collection scream individuality and style.
  Enjoy the rest of Fashion Week!