Sunday, 9 October 2011

the search for success
We found a great article on career in Elle this month. The editor has commissioned some of the industry's best, to think of 55 tips to boost success. Those who contributed included Barbara Hulanicki, famous for saying, 'you can tell a lot about the person from the way they walk'.
   Initially going into industry, you may be under the impression that you are going to lead this razzle dazzle lifestyle, wear six inch Louboutin's every day and be Carrie Bradshaw.
    This article stressed the importance of hard work and well made desisions and well placed moves. I urge you all to hunt that isuue down like a bird of prey. (By the way it's in the separate style book, not the main publication). It's great.

1. Networking is vital.
2. Dress for the position you want.
3. Get as much work experience as you can.
4. Invest in thank-you cards.
5. Nothing good ever comes from being a jerk.
6. Learn how to say "no" with love.

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