Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Demode; [dee-mode]
1.Uncle Karl's way of stating how poorly dressed one is.
2.When one's ensemble is an abomination to the eye.
3.When it's just DEMODE!!

One thing I love is an opinionated outspoken designer. Some of them may be fairly quiet about their feelings of others but not Uncle Karl. Got to love him.

He won’t.

Karl on Galliano… (oooo)

“A Dior dress is very untrustworthy. I don't think anyone should buy a dress made by a man with a finiticky moustache anyway. Dior dresses tend to tell the other dresses about their owner, so when the wearer of the dress is in a room with other people wearing other dresses, she looks very demode indeed. Be very wary of the couture. Whilst it may look like a lady, it does not behave like a lady!”

How can you not love Karl, Bless him.

Anyway, went on his blog which is fantastic guys (its Fake Karl, absolutely genius, you’ll have fun) and I found these tops and things with Karl on the front and the ‘demode’ slogan on and I thought it would be the absolute best way to bring in Spring with a pair of whatever you want and a fabulous new hairstyle and bag. And the great thing is nothing in the Fake Karl range sets you back much £30/$45 and your laughing. So avoid the demodage this spring and sink your teeth into these yeah?

ooo treats...

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