Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The cool down

Good afternoon fabulous people, hello from sunny England, (yes sunny England).
At present Madmsl is in her freshly mown back garden, successfully batting flies and other stingy-stinging creatures with more than two legs... and soaking up a bit of vitamin D. A hot day like this is the perfect time to get outside and wear those sandals you've wanted to wear since your summer stock up, and as always, it's a more than perfect time to discuss fashion!
While many of you may be encountering perfect weather as I am today fashion isn't faithful to one season there is autumn and it's modal sister winter and whilst the sun may well be beating down, being clued in on the newest fall collections may well exceed ones ambitions of a great tan.
John Galliano Creative Director for Christian Dior has been on my radar for quite some time. We've all watched him the past few years deliver season after season, explosive prĂȘt-a-porter and unrivalled couture. Galliano is known for flamboyancy, vibrant colour and extraordinary eccentricity in his collections and although we may stereotype these factors to be the norm, he yet again breaks the mould and turns his back on conventional colour and cut and rewards us with something to look forward to for autumn/winter 2010. Watch Vids. Karlie Kloss opens!

Part One Dior Fall 10 RTW

Part Two Dior Fall 10 RTW

The show was a mix of fashiony brilliance, displaying a mix of trends such as English Heritage (one of the up and coming winter trends) and a sort of equestrian feel, contemporised for glory. The pieces were well tailored and well cut there were cascades of leather, chiffon and tartan in all shades and hues complimentary to each other. The ideology that winter should be dark and heavy and black was completely contradicted the moment the first piece walked out onto the catwalk. You felt as if you were in a Jane Austen novel, a damsel in distress being carried over the threshold by said gentleman of good family. Through all this I looked forward to winter!

Viva John.

what did you think of the show?
Left your beach towel yet?


  1. Ah. We both love Galliano ... and popsicles. Following you on bloglovin', which I also love.

  2. Oh you're so sweet. Looove Galliano.
    Thanks for your comment MADMSL,
    keep following
    Love, johanna

  3. lovelovelove this collection..and your blog!
    thanks so much for following!

  4. i swear its like being abroad here ! love sitting readin fashion mags!


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