Wednesday, 18 May 2011

the rut

Mid month. The time where nothing looks fabulous and you honestly don't know what to wear. That simple trip to collect your meat and two veg is fast becoming the arch nemesis of your week and pay day a few centimetres too far.

So you sit there in your jeans and dressing gown, teeth gnashing against a few slices of cold toast as you contemplate throwing on a tarpaulin-esque anorak. Looked great October, your mind automatically clicks next on its style database and inevitably the waterproof monstrosity hits the floordrobe.

Wardrobe refreshers are key for quick fixing wardrobe malfunctions. That sleeveless dress you put to the side for summer, the midi catching dust on the back rail and not to forget the espadrilles still in their box underneath the midi.
Food for thought. Just work out the right combinations to turn” just another manic Monday" into "I can't wait, for the weekend to begin".
beautifully demonstrated by '' and 'Bebaroque' hosiery

the scarf in the coat arm

A colourful scarf can easily take the dark shadow off a boring piece and bring life and 'jazz' to any outfit. Doesn't match? You'd be surprised what a bright scarf goes with!

the scarf in the coat arm

Leather jacket, easy to 'szujh' up any outfit, necessity wear with a pair of fabulous jeans or try with a gorgeous evening ensemble.

the hat on the top shelf

Whether it's giving your outfit that special 'je ne sais...whatever' or hiding your less than chic hack of a hairdo, a fedora has got kooky eccentric hobo-boho written all over it. Maxi's and midi's love this, if you’re jetting off anywhere nice, so does that two piece.

the blouse on its way to Oxfam/Goodwill

Let's face it, it's seen better days. But in this mid-month rut can we risk losing a piece that, yes has been around the block a few times but looks great still fits after Christmas and can potentially look as amazing as the above? 90's or not, do it with shorts, skinnies, pencil skirt for the office, world is your oyster on this one, shirts are doing it. So take it out of the black bag, to a dry cleaner and show it some respect by putting it back on the glorified wooden hanger next to some other favourites. Incorporate and renew.

the tangled hoisery

Knickers in a bunch over what to wear with your new pencil. Untangle them and grab a pair of fancy patterned tights try Bebaroque, they really do add to a simple work outfit, wear tastefully and you have a bespoke work look.
should we recycle or bin?


  1. Great post! I can definitely relate with the first narrative...

  2. It is interesting reads over here... Just like you said it. Kept your golden promise and inspired me.

    The scarf trick - had forgotten, about that. The hat one - sure works even here in Paris, where, to be honest, people do see a lot of stuff. Folks of all ages turn heads when I sail over with my beige boho chic dandy hat!

  3. Great tips! I didn't even think of the scarf trick before! :)


  4. Great blogpost madmsl, keeping an eye on you. :)

  5. Glad you liked this months post guys!

  6. Your writing is totally fabulous, you're so talented! I was scrolling through my old posts and saw all your sweet comments, it's been a while since I've been on your site! I now finally have Bloglovin, so I've followed you. Loving your blog! Hope we can reconnect. Thanks for sharing! Lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

  7. Haha! "floordrobe!" perfect description! Like they said, your writing is beautiful… great picks, too!

    Hope all is well!
    Monica from F&ML: Fashion And My Life


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