Wednesday, 17 March 2010

lipsmacking times.

So I did a bit of leisurly reading yesterday… it was a local street magazine called Stylist, and there was an article called "America's novel weight-loss trick" and what I found was yet another ‘loose- weight- but- give- me- all- your- savings-first’ procedure. Nothing short of horrifying.

A surgeon known as “Dr” Nikolas Chugay has created a 10 minute sequence of pain which is supposed to help you lose weight. The procedure aims to cause discomfort whilst eating solid foods e.g. Kit-Kat/Reese’s and forces you consume liquids. Maybe a liquid lasagne’s on the cards, I don’t know, but the ‘trick’ is to sew a piece of polythene (bin bag/sandwich bag) onto your tongue so when you go to eat (which you can NOT) it will be too painful to do and it will REMIND you to stick to that liquid lasagne... (Moment of utter disbelief and woe…)

He says “it’s a pattern interrupter” and the victims, yes VICTIMS, are put on a 750 calorie per day diet. That’s like 2 bowls of Batchelors soup, a pack of Walkers and if your lucky a carton of Ribena. ALL DAY! And a stomach grumbling for the£2,000/ $3,065 you paid...

What happened to the good old five a day and healthy eating and an occasional treat? Hmm?

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