Sunday, 14 March 2010

Gossip Girl is.... ♥

Gossip Girl is back! For those who are watching it on the internet! (none of this ITV waiting stuff, no). I am so excited! I cannot speak. Chuck Bass…Blair Waldorf…and Dorota (who is the greatest maid ever in life!)

So tune in guys, just Google ‘watch Gossip girl season 3 online’ and go on from there. If any of you are not yet AWARE of how fabulous Gossip Girl is… my next piece of advice is to watch it, then come back and tell me yourself how great it is. So without any further ado, go watch it, see what else is happening in the Upper Eastside. XOXO. p.s And what’s going on with Chuck’s mom reappearing!???! Bart Bass is a fraud!!!

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