Wednesday, 10 March 2010

and she smells like...

Yeah guys! So I was down the High St today, and I discovered (out of the darkness which is Britney Spears Fantasy) a beautiful item! Marc Jacobs, the one famous for the fluffy hair (which is now shaved off guys!!!!) has created a follow up to the original Daisy by Marc Jacobs which is the NEW! Daisy In The Air....
what can I say.... to describe it, I’d say it smelt of Springtime and sunshine!
Forget your patchouli and grab a bottle of this when you get chance.
Get down to your nearest Perfume Shop( i saw it at £39.99 for 50ml offer ends 14th March 10) or any other serious fragrance outlet because it's definitely worth a gander, trust me get a sample. It's a must-buy for Mothers Day.


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