Thursday, 11 March 2010


As you know, at Madmsl we like all sorts of stuff fashion wise, and we embrace everything that we find unique,trendy and looks great on. So every so often i'll do an up and coming label or boutique promotion so that you guys can have a looksee, little browse and little shop and we can display some really great stuff for you while giving these labels the airtime they deserve!
So of late, i've been seeing these t'shirts and vests floating round that i was really curious about, so when i discovered what label they were (5 Preview) i saved it to my "want to get" bookmark ready for payday!

As we see on the High St at the moment there's a love for all thing French and Parisian and these pieces make a perfect mockery of some of the most revered French designers' logos such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel and for that fact i loved the collection because the ideas and the design work, graphics posessed...balls.

so lets have a look...

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