Monday, 5 April 2010

the day after the Easter bunny sticks up its middle finger at you. ¬¬

Yet another eggless Easter has limped precariously by and frankly I’m quite glad I didn’t get that Bailey’s Easter egg with the six truffles and hot chocolate mug with the Bailey’s logo on the side complete with black enamel spoon for £11.99. Yeah who’d have it? Load of rubbish.

And no they are not tears of sadness for the egg; they are tears of joy for the second month of MADMSL! (Yayyy party songs) And after I get my USB situation ‘sortid’ and under MADMSL-like control, you my beautiful readers will get to see what I bought and what I sawed at the shops. But prior to that and Easter egg famines aside… what’s with ‘the maxi’ hype and do we like it?

“After scouring through rails and rails of nudes and badly designed floral prints, something was different…. She walked into Topshop where she thought she knew what she expected to see but the pieces that usually take pride of place had settled in the abyss of the corner (where everybody hides sale items for themselves because the sales assistant had said no at the till). And as Madmsl looked up, behold, ‘The Maxi’.”

So she browsed around took it all in then went to New Look, yes New Look (because we cant all live in the shiny yellow submarine all the time) and tried one of them on… beautiful.

It was a jersey racer-back £15/$23 a bargain, buy a little leather jacket and wedge sandals from Asos for £40/$62...

…And your laughing. So what do you think. Get shopping get in the fitting room then talk to me darlin' ♥.


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