Monday, 12 April 2010

You are the first bidder!.....*&%$&!!! arrrgh!

So Madmsl is a sucker for Ebay. And I buy a load of tat… just because I can. I get my vintage off it, I get my jewellery off it and from time to time a chest of drawers of which I have to trek all the way into the bush somewhere in the great outback of Great Britain like Staffordshire or East Yorkshire to collect because it's a ‘pick-up only’ listing. This is inconvenience. Anyway I have a little soirée to attend on Saturday evening and I really wanted a clutch. So I decided I’d go vintage and bid on this item saw the price and was click-happy… but it finishes on Thursday(which I didn’t see) and I won’t get it until after the event. So what I will do is tell you my maximum bid, so if any of you want to outbid me and grab this fabulous bag/purse you can do, so here are the photos I’m gonna pimp it! My maximum bid is £11.05 guys and the item number is...

just paste it in the search bar!

Vintage Boutique @ Topshop Patent Oversized Clutch Bag

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