Tuesday, 13 April 2010

the Manish silhouette.- (a short one).

madmsl on…

Manish Arora Paris fashion week A/W 2010-11

I actually forgot this man was still around until I rediscovered the genius. Alas I was not disappointed. Arora delivered a bright blinding kaleidoscopic show which had me glued.

Manish’s show displayed a plethora of ideas which he’d fused together for his newest collection. The pieces sang a song of early 1920’s art deco opulence that head butts Las Vegas showgirl whilst slapping futuristic 80’s robot and some pieces I believe he was even fondling the luxury silk of the Far East. The print and the texture and the stucture and other various fabrics he uses to build up an ideal or a fantasy is inspiring so check it.


  1. hello love! thanks so much for ure message through IFB ... i really appreciate it and i was very encouraged by it so thanks! i see ure keeping things extra fashionable around here! cant wait to see more posts from u!

    aroras incredibly talented isnt he?

    love and blessings,

  2. Hi,
    this design looks amazing! I would not wear it off the catwalk, but I have to give serious credit for the idea!



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