Monday, 12 April 2010

a load of fanny packs.

One of the most taboo accessories in the fashion world has smuggled its way back onto the catwalks of nearly every fashion capital in the world. The item we had known and loved and packed off to the charity shop with that pink nylon anorak worn within an inch of it’s life and that we all thought was only reserved for our 90’s exercise hero Mr Motivator is back! (By unpopular popular demand)

Product recall: The Bum bag/Fanny Pack

I remember the good old VHS Mr Motivator videos, working out trying to get every step right but just looked like I was punching the air while balancing. The 90’s. The worst ever decade for fashion and a time you really wouldn’t want to re-visit for it. I remember the horrible polyester/nylon randomly coloured purses and wallets you’d get from zoo’s and entertainment parks to certify you went there, and somehow you bought into it and purchased ten for all your friends and family that really needed a green and pink coin purse.

Issue in question anyway… Bum bag. Yay or Nay.

Did a bit of browsing and found a few designers who ‘went there’ with the bag. Louis Vuitton of course was the patron saint for it at fashion week introducing the ever reincarnating monogram version of the bum bag. We also have a British fashion designer the ‘fabulotantastic’ Ashish who has previously worked with Topshop producing his designer/High St collection who has sparkled the bum bag up a little and Marc Jacobs delivering his pastel spring version! Let’s have a look-see.



  1. WHO is that hottie and WHERE do i get his jumpsuit? honestly.

  2. ehm, well, how should I put this... over my dead body, and even then - NAY!

    love your blog though, you do command your language, love it (oops, said it already, but I really do)!

  3. I love watching Mr. Motivator @ Lorraine Kelly show once in a while. It's funny. He made exercise looks fun! =)


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