Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Sunday Post 1:

So I hope everybody has had a fun fabulotantastic weekend, if not, Pepto-Bismol is still available over the counter and you’ll get through Monday! Anyway pleasantries and gastric remedies aside there’s a few things for show and tell…

Betty Jackson, not usually a label I’d be OMG’shing about (because her High St store collection in Debenhams is to be frank… solely for the likes of my Nan if she were to be unglued from her pleated skirts and hat), but during another bit of research (which you’ll hear about shortly) I bypassed a few photos from her S/S 2010 show and I must solemnly declare that I fell in love with the clothes.

She’s gone for a bit of everything really, you’ve got your pastel colours, you’ve got black (after all who says you can’t wear black in spring) and you’ve got bold prints and lots of abstract tailoring, texture and textile techniques. All good stuff. So have a leisurely look-over. Class it as your Sunday drive.

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