Friday, 23 April 2010

there's a few choice words
The iPad. The glorified rectangle with rounded corners. Shiny. You can sense my distaste for the newest member of the Apple family, but believe me I tried to like it, we just don’t see eye to eye. However guy’s despite the abundantly long list of cons, I’ve managed to salvage a miniscule amount of pro’s in defence because I suppose it deserves a fair hearing although maybe half the population of Apple customers have burned their bras and started their own picket line chanting “I was a Mac but now I am a PC,” at least you can use one of their many fascinating Apps and maybe there’s one that diffuses a revolt! “There’s and app for that”. Ha! Sorry but our heavy breathing and fervent anticipation was somewhat in vain. But! There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and the good news is…
New York based designer Vivienne Tam has prescribed the perfect spring antidote to combat the Apple hype. HP have collaborated on yet another project with her to design their newest laptop which was launched on Monday. The new HP Digital clutch is just what the doctor ordered online. It’s literally the size of a clutch. It’s light. You can listen to your music and work unlike the iPad. You can bring it out wherever; it’s great for social networking and browsing and to add injury to insult there’s an integrated mirror wrapped up and sealed with a Vivienne Tam kiss signed on the interior.
As tribute to her Chinese heritage and ties to modern western fashion she’s designed a print for the laptops exterior which is even more gorgeous based around her theme “Butterfly Lovers” for her Spring 2010 collection at which she had the laptop modelled with her line. And to the untrained eye it just looked like a clutch. Have a look at it. Watch vid.

….And the best thing is it doesn’t cost the whole Earth.

The HP Digital clutch starts at £391/$599 but it can be found even cheaper at Amazon!

Or if your not into the bargain-bargain it is available direct at the hp website,



  1. And I am saving up my pennies because I am having one!
    MADMSL. x

  2. oh so lovely! What curious and funny idea! I love it! You have a great blog! I follow u! Xoxo


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