Wednesday, 28 April 2010

she aint got no money in the bank.

In times like these it pays to be an economista really. If it’s foraging through sale shop rails or trying to hit gold in a heap of must-infused vintage clothes we have to have it.

You can treat yourself… however when you can’t afford to put petrol in the car or buy anti-perspirant you must draw the line or you won’t be able to wear the £95 blouse! So the prescription is of course DIY. Now I’m not suggesting we all become Vivienne Westwood’s and Anna Sui’s overnight, but the benefits of doing it yourself are both rewarding and great pluses for boosting your spring, summer, autumn and winter wardrobe collections!

Madmsl has been using a site for years now as a pattern cutter and part-time seamstress called Burdastyle. The page is about seeing sewing from a fashion/couture perspective instead of a Great Old Aunt Gertrude perspective.

For those who are aspiring designers/sylists it is a must (or it’s handy) to learn to sew. If that’s you then this site is made for you. Burdastyle gives you information, tutorials, FREE patterns and advice, and as you view peoples projects, and if sewing isn’t for you, you may be able to grab some exclusive one-offs for yourself if you ask nicely! So signing up is well worth it.


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