Monday, 3 May 2010

Alexander McQueen A/W 10
feet for thought.

Fashion Week is a time when we’re focused on trend and the newest next-best thing, the couture, the prêt-a-porter, the busy bustling atmosphere and who’s sitting on the front row and so the show gets going and we ooh and we ahh over the sophisticated lines and the colour pallet, that throughout the obnoxious palaver, we rarely if at all get a look at the models party- till-6am feet enveloped in open toed Louboutin’s. A frequent abomination. Madmsl spot it though and through narrowed eyes as usual.

At Marc Jacobs S/S 10… (prepare...)

At Stella McCartney S/S 08...

And now a flashback...

Brian Reye’s A/W09

Barefoot models??? Ay?

Yeah, guy’s there is a time and place to wear that pair of 9 inches, and preferably not all the time, and though fashion may be tight (last size in that dress you wanted, must have), it shouldn’t and mustn’t be painful!

Heels on the catwalk yes or no? A must or a minor detail?

Talk to me.

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  1. oh wow. Those poor girls, that prolly hurts like a...! Barefoot tho, I just.. eh. Not on the runway. Not a fan.
    Proof that we need more comfortable shoes.. without sacrificing style=)


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