Tuesday, 11 May 2010

red flag: so i guess you've heard the new news.

Conservative are in. And a feeling of distaste sweeps most of Britain. 11 May.

Madmsl is not usually one for political ramblings, because we usually talk about who’s seasonal collection wasn’t as fabulous as we thought, or someone’s saggy bottom, but today I feel I should do a quick light hearted post about today’s goings on…

…I’m not impressed… most of Britain isn’t impressed… and I imagine that when the grannies discover that they won’t be receiving a free bus pass they too will also not be impressed.

However… I’ve decided to see what happens, in the interests of not gate crashing Cameron’s celebration party I shall desist and you won’t see me starting a picket line on telly.

If the outcome over the next couple is positive then YAY but if it’s negative then NAY and I will be voting Green Party in the years to come. Hug a tree.

And we can get ethical.

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By the way what do you think of the politics?, I’m all ears and toes.


  1. i think a little political ranting now and then is entirely necessary. love that you do it. =)

  2. a friend of mine who's currently somewhere in London, said that he was pleasantly surprised and amazed about conservative's slogan.

    obviously - he wasn't the only one :)

    we're having election sometime soon, too. i am already thinking about voting for green party. that just might be the lesser evil, lol.

  3. Thanks Kristy, you have to break the mould every now and again i suppose.x
    Yep, green party may well be the way forward The Very Subjective! In the past Conservative's 'slogan' has been to keep the rich rich and the poor poor hence the distaste and even though i'd like to consider myself financially ok, i did'nt approve of that then, but now lets see now, new PM new BRITAIN! :D
    Thanks for your comment!

  4. hi MADMSL ^-^!

    thanks darling for your comment on the Cynthia H. Designs bracelets, i hope you get one or some soon. i am so happy you stumbled upon my blog and appreciate you following it as well. i am your newest follower. hope to hear from you again and again.


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  6. Thank you, I actually loving pattern cutting. Today I'm not so much that into politics but religion... The Pope is coming to my town tomorrow and I'm still gasping from the amount of money I see is spent on stupid things. I know we put the people that run our country in their place and we voted for them but how much of a choice we really have? We have to choose someone that's running, even when there's no one we really would care to see doing the job.


  7. Was very saddened by the news and grateful to be far, faraway in Canada.

  8. I really like Canada ♥, very clean!
    And yes it is somewhat
    saddening Glowing Doll.
    Ah well! Tory it is.
    Thankyou for your comment! x


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