Sunday, 16 May 2010

"itsforagoodcause" said the wardrobe

On a regular day walking about town I avoid at all costs the charity workers. Desperately I’ll cross over to the other side of the road, narrowly missing death by speeding Fiat. Then I’ll feel absolutely awful because in my head, talking to the spotty faced youth would require me to add his charity to my ever rolling list of direct debits. (Yes I’m a scrooge from time to time but we all do it.)

However here’s a charity we’d all definitely support.

Next Thursday H&M is launching its new Fashion Against Aids campaign and therefore there will be a collection to collect.

In the past H&M has supported Aids awareness through their quirky and fun fast fashion collections. Remember the slogan t-shirts of 09 they had that said “wear one” and things like that. I didn’t wear one but I was definitely on board with the idea. Lovely.

The collection was a success inviting celebrities such as Agyness Deyn and Katy Perry along for the ride to model for the brand.

This year’s collection is ever so slightly different, swapping glorified bold font slogans for spring trends, Aztec prints, double denim, the maxi and of course a tent that’s £7.99/$11.62!! It’s a well priced collection and is sure to satisfy your wardrobes appetite.

Penultimately! Ill have my readers know this isn’t a sign- up- and- I’ll- give- you- a- badge- and- a- lolly charity this is an I- will- look- fabulous- and- feel- fantastic- because- it’s- for- a- good- cause charity. So please, look out for it, tell people! It’s for a good cause. Bon appétit wardrobes!



  1. i don't quite understand the tent, but the shoes lookk cute. overall, richtig! (i knew that semester of german would come in handy eventually)

  2. love the blog! Now following ;)

    ''swamped in flowers''


  3. Never know, come the summer festivals, we might all have one. Trends catch!
    And yes German is useful I did it for 2 years Thanks for your comment! x

    And thanks Izzy!,
    Much obliged!
    Remember to pop back
    from time to
    time when you can!
    As i will! x

  4. Hey!You're my first follower!Very happy and flattered!Glad you enjoy my random little blog :O) I shall be keeping an eye on yours too!


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