Friday, 28 May 2010

zip me up.

Accessories have never been this much fun. I don’t think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

But I was doing a bit of daytime shopping online (as you do) and I came across these really fantastic bits of jewellery which had me transfixed, zooming in and wanting 10!

The genius label known as Reborn Jewelry’ creates its fabulous fashion accessories by using just zips! The pieces vary from gold to silver and make excellent unique statement pieces. I think I’d have one just for the mantle piece because they really are pieces of art. Frame it.

In an industry that tends to have you buying whatever is the shiniest or what’s typically ‘on-trend’ or what the celebrities throw on in the morning after Pilates, it really is the independent brands and boutiques like this one that give you the OMG- where- did- you- get- that factor.

I’d definitely have a look into it. It’s not on the cheap side with prices starting at £42/$60 but I really wanted to share this with you, so you can go out, bargain or no bargain and find your perfect piece. If you do want invest in one I would because these are absolute show stoppers.

So what’s the most favourite, special accessory that you own

and why, talk to me!


  1. wow those are really2 amazing pieces and I think it's worth it, you can't really put a price on art right?

    your question is kinda difficult for me to answer cuz I love all of my accessories (esp. if I made them, that means they really spoke to me :P) but I can say I am almost always wearing this beautiful diamond ring that my parents gave me for my birthday :)

  2. red one is the most sexiest...
    And I'm totally an accessory guy ;-)

  3. Thank you for following, too. (:
    Some of this accessories are really great. I love the bracelets *-*

  4. Nope I suppose you can't Asteria!
    Raiding the savings? :D
    You have totally got to make
    me one of your bracelets though.

    Yes inventdisfashion the red's one of my
    favourites as well. Reminds me of
    the heart.

  5. Talk about statment pieces or what!Love the last one.My favourite piece of jewellery is a white gold ring with sapphires that my mother gave me for my 21st!

  6. Ooo that sounds nice!
    must mean quite alot as well.
    Thanks for sharing Carla!

  7. The book was £20!Well worth it.I'm flicking through it right now.Such a beautiful book!

  8. Let me know when you get it and tell me what you think of the images!

  9. mmmm that is some beautiful jewelry i really like the last piece it reminds me of zips

    esther xx

  10. whoa! these are interesting. loving the cuff.


  11. I love them ALL! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks so much for posting this. I love this collection, it's so unique.


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