Thursday, 20 May 2010

sweet smelling summery scents
A handpicked selection of the most yummy summer fragrances pour 2010.


Stella McCartney Sheer summer

Fresh floral, peony based soft and feminine, a nice out of the shower throw-on


Thierry Mugler Angel Sunessence

Sweet and tangy, very young a bit like sherbet. Nothing like the orig.


DKNY Summer 2010

Very fresh, all the blossoms, bit of magnolia, textbook but still lovely smelling.


Paul Smith Rose summer

Gorgeous, top notes citrus and watermelon, definitely worth a whiff.


Kenzo Amour Indian Holi

A sweet oriental with jasmine and at the dry down candy apples and vanilla.

What do you wear?


  1. ooh, nice post. thanks for the scenty ideas.

    have a great day.

    ^-^ oxox

  2. i wear the original Paul Smith Rose.Love it!Recently got Chance Eau Tendre which is amazing too!

  3. Thanks Liz, definitely have a whiff of some of these! They're gorgeous.

    Those are both fabulous fragrances Carla. Chance Eau Tendre's one of my favourites actually, much better than the EDP/EDT original versions.

    Thanks for your comments girlies!!

  4. right now i'm wearing Clinique Happy in Bloom. floral, sweet fragrance that makes me truly happy!they've ran out of stock back when I was still living in Dubai and when I went for vacation to Europe and saw them on duty free, i bought 2 big bottles!xxo

  5. OOO that was lucky, i don't blame you buying big bottles. It's always a sad day when you cant find your favourite :(
    Kudos for finding it though! Yay! :D


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