Thursday, 15 July 2010

boob job
Jean Paul Gaultier said we'd all strip off for the summer and bare our undies, he was correct.
As I walked about London last week, I spotted some of us wearing sheer jumpers, lace crop tops and see through shirts and a few of those waspie bras leaving nothing to the imagination but tomorrows washing. Great high street trend. ( not for the faint hearted).
On the S/S catwalks at Antonio Berardi, Jasmine di Milo and Versace underwear was pressed against sheer panels of fabric, delicate and hard structured lingerie in silk and printed fabrics worn on top of haute couture dresses looking effortlessly chic.
Christian Dior S/S 10
Versace S/S 10Rochas S/S 10
This look can go horribly wrong from time to time and can be transformed from edgy- risque into
just plain risky by looking like the person just got their tits out? Guys?
What do you think about the boob
job trend?
Are you brave enough to do it?
High fashion or
highly unecessary?
Is there a right way to
rock this look?
I'd like to know what you guys


  1. I'm not so into the boob job trend. I run more on the conservative side of dressing, so first of all, it doesn't appeal to me on that level. Secondly, I feel that the look seems unfinished. Everyone knows what is underneath your shirt - you don't need to prove it to me by wearing a sheer top or bottom. It's been more of the norm that people who were wearing an outfit like above were of a different profession...on a street corner, perhaps. :)

    On another note, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm new at it and it is good to know that someone finds it a relevant topic. Check it out today - the final installment of Fashion Faux Pas on the Jersey Shore is up.

    G J A

  2. :D Thanks for your comment Gina, yes the boob job look can indeed look 'street cornerish'! I'll pop you in my 'MADMSL KISSES' area, thanks for your input! MADMSL.x

  3. I saw a girl recently and she had on a white sheer shirt, with a navy bandeau underneath and it looked quite good to be honest. She had on some denim high waisted shorts on as well, looked very cute and not at all cheap or trashy lol

    Petit Monstres,
    linked here from your ifb and glad to have stopped by :)

  4. Sounds like a fantastic outfit!, thanks for popping by Petitmonstres and leaving a comment, much appreciated!

  5. Personally, I wouldn't rock it, I think it cheapens the outfit. Just not a look for me!

  6. There's definitely a way you have to go about it without looking like a slut. I love the way Liz from Late Afternoon does it. It's subtly sexy. I personally would never do this just because I don't want people looking. But I love when other people do it. Maybe it also because I would just majorly fail. Love your blog so much. :)

  7. I actually have really embraced this trend. When done correctly I think it can give a sweet, girly outfit a bit of a sexy punch. I also have a deep love for pretty undergarments, so perhaps that is why I have loved this look so much, I do agree thugh. Not for everyone.

    great post! and I love that pic from the Rochas collection!

  8. Thanks for those comments and thank you for your
    honesty, we always love a ballsy person whether they want to wear this look or totally dont! ♥

  9. I think it's great i love sheer!!! but you just have to know how to put the look together otherwise it can look cheap not chic! xx

    Please have a look at my fashion blog with behind the scenes of my shoots / trend info/ daily outfits !

  11. just discovered your blog and love it! now following you xx

  12. i agree with sara - its definitely better for smaller busts. but i think that when it's done right it can be very chic!

    im a new follower! thanks for your comment :} visit me again soon !

  13. It does indeed have alot to do with the way it's put together style-wonderland and yes to be fair sarah-louise you may have a point about the small bust thing, though i'm undiscriminatory concerning boob sizes/fashion. Thanks thrive on novelty darling, I hope to see you back here for my next post!

  14. It can be well put together and chic, if you're doing it for the fashion and not to impress some guy. And yes, smaller busts are more susceptible for this look. Still, I love it!

  15. Definitely agree Val@BATB.
    Ladies dress to impress
    yourselves, not for Tom, Dick
    and Harry, it's not chic.

  16. the models seem to wear it well. I think because they have such slender figures so that their boobage area (or lackthereof) doesnt make the outfit skanky, say if they had bigger cups. ok, i have no idea what i'm talking about. :) i like your blog, will definitely follow you back! xx

  17. No matter babe, your points
    are duly noted! :D Thanks
    for your comment and for

  18. MADMSL, something's wrong with your last post - the commenting part isn't working! so I'll just say it here that - making a list is just what I was doing early this morning, AND we have one thing in common - wedges! :) there might have been two things, but I already have a cape that I bought last year :)


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