Saturday, 24 July 2010

le soleil
Let's face it. It's nearly the end of July and the next time you turn around it's going to be the end of August and
then September will slap us all in the face.
Most of us haven't eloped to exotic locations with plush landscapes. We may have just ended up in various equivalents of caravaning in Cornwall next to a white van that says 'cleen me' on the back, but a girl can dream, cant she?
1. Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is fast becoming one of the most
popular destinations for high flyers, big buyers and
trendsetters. If you've had the pleasure/displeasure
of watching Sex and the City 2 this is the location
it was filmed at. :D

2. St. Barths

The Caribbean island of St. Barths is another
one of the exclusive destinations for celebrities and
islands hoppers. Model Lily Cole was seen there
this year with 'Without a Trace' boyfriend
Enrique Murciano soaking up the rays
and laughing at us all. :)

3. AmsterdamDoesn't look like the city of legal weed and brothels
does it? Just looks like Venice on a Friday.
Nevertheless it's the perfect spot for an idyllic city
break, rocks on or rocks off.

4. St Tropez
St Tropez, the most original hotspot for
celebrities, models, industry events and second home to nearly
everyone with a trust fund. It's stylish, it's high end,
it's beautiful and views of the sea...

très magnifique. Go.

I don't know about your beds darlings, but mine is
one of the best places on the planet. (Especially after a 7am start!)

So, where's your most ideal location
for summer 2010? If you've
already had your holiday,
where did you go or if you've
already booked it
where are you, going?
Talk to me, share the sun!


  1. ahhahahahahaha i love this post and this blog!

  2. I love this post! :) We're on the same wavelength since I just did a travel post too. :) But I'm currently in Taiwan, and I visited Korea. So I'm technically still traveling. But I miss home a lot, especially my bed! haha.

    <3 Kelly

  3. Thanks Isabella! Keep reading me! ♥
    Ooo that sounds nice, i've always wanted
    to do the east, hope your having fun love thanks for your comment! ♥

  4. such a cute post! i love amsterdam--went last summer and it was beautiful and romantic, not just for weed :) haha. im going to barcelona in september, so im really looking forward to that!!


  5. Bed is defo a top spot! Going to Jamaica tomorrow for two weeks, very excited :)

  6. Maya, Jamaica is beautiful!

    I believe one of the most beautiful places is Santorini. That is my #1 place I'd love to vacation.

    And of course, Paris is in the near future!

  7. Barcelona and Jamaica! Sounds utterly fabulous Maya!
    Et Paris est magnifique au tout moment d'an Anthony!

  8. ST tropez
    I have some exciting news on my blog!! Hope you like it

  9. Hi!
    Thank for your comment on my blog :D
    I really like your blog!!!
    I'm gonna follow you via bloglovin.

  10. This post makes me want to quit my job and go away. Far far away. LOL

    I love all 5 of your options. I went to Roatan Honduras earlier this year and think it's one of the loveliest places on earth. Very serene. Very beautiful. Right now I think I'd go to New Zealand though.

  11. Ah Honduras. A friend of mine
    went for a year,came back
    speaking fluent spanish!
    New Zealand
    sounds nice!

  12. I went to Greece and it was beautiful! and soon i'm off to Berlin which i LOVE!
    Great post! :) xxx

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  14. Thank you for the comment on my blog! Yours is so adorable <3 I'm actually moving to the UK for college in September, and SOOOOOOOOO excited ^^


  15. dubai is a such a dreamy place and cant wait to go there someday!

    but im not gonna front ... i love being in bed after a hard day at work, so i love that too!

    awesome post madmsl! you guys rock! xoxo!

  16. Your language/graphics are more interesting than the photos you posted. This is a fabulous looking blog - just really working. Congratulations.

  17. That post was fabulous :D
    I was to Amsterdam last year and it really was amazing. This year I was to Bosnia, Montenegro and other countries in South East Europe (I thought it was gonna suck but it was pretty cool, cause everything was so cheap, like I got a pair of real silver earrings for 5€ XD).

    EvaEclipse ♥


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