Monday, 28 February 2011

galliano's epic fail

I’m honestly not too sure how to go about this as I’m totally shocked and disgusted

If you were sitting in a bar next to a rather tipsy Mr Galliano, you’d want to have a quick chat with him, you know, the weather, whether you can convince him in his drunken state to lend you a sample piece of his fall 2011 collection, take a photo with him but you wouldn’t have anticipated being bombarded by racial slurs, slurred.

Galliano was actually being filmed during him moments of madness, looking very out of his usual, eccentric, bolshy slightly arrogant self. He uttered the sentence “I love Hitler” in response to one of his victims questions.

Celebrities at the recent Oscars, including the face of Dior, Natalie Portman was actually spotted wearing Rodarte going against the grain to what any fashion ambassador would do at a major public event. Could she be a tad upset, all is speculation...I suppose.

We question who he really is, what Dior has become and is, and can we trust the man behind the label? I’m not sure. Isn’t alcohol supposed to expose the truth? Will his being suspended from Dior clear the house’s name? Who is he?


  1. I believe the video is actually the rant from two nights ago but presented by someone else to support her claim that John carried on a few months ago.

    Honestly I was shocked and angered, prior to the video release which I only saw this morning, that Dior had suspended John prior to an investigation. I still feel that way ... after so many years together, they do have a moral obligation, I believe, to support someone until the moment that there is evidence, not wild claims about a barroom scene.

    It's horrifying and I did not believe any of it until I saw the video of a terribly drunk John saying things that are literally insane.People that have known him for years, Jewish people, stated immediately that he has never behaved like this.

    More will be revealed but it's sickening. Either John is actually a terrible evil man (I don't believe that) or is terribly sick and needs help.

    I blogged about my outrage, and indeed Franca Sozzana spoke with great consternation at the suspension - good grief, fire him if that's appropriate - we suspend children, at Dior's actions immediately following the then alleged incident. And my belief in John. It's been a long time since I first sat to write an order with him for spring '89 and several years after. The very idea that a rational fashion designer, a very homosexual designer, would in his right mind align himself with Hitler is beyond comprehension. John is either in desperate mental condition or a monster.

    His clothes to me, without question, in his difficult beginnings were among the most beautiful ever seen.

    I'm so sad.

  2. Drunk? A fall-out like that sounds more like coke...

    Anyway, I don`t think a GENIOUS LIFETIME-ARCHIEVMENT should be destroyed by a few words.

    We all make mistakes and we all lose control sometimes. He should apologize and be forgiven.

  3. @Newyorktomorrowparis Yes, until there is evidence, we can't really say, but it gets you thinking. This guy, coming up to fashion must be under a lot of pressure and stress, but i'm not too sure if it validates what he said sober or not. He is a genius indeed, and it's a shame truly, bringing beautiful pieces to the catwalk season after season, hopefully Dior will not suffer too badly as I don't think this is what Christian would ever want?
    Thanks for commenting.

  4. @Bohemenoir To be fair, he said what he said. Whether he can salvage his reputation, time will tell. Yes he does need to apologise, yes he does need to come up with an explanation but his words will always be questioned forgiven or condemmed.
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. The things I wrote, and blogged, were before the horrible video emerged. Suzy Menkes is reporting that friends have persuaded John to enter rehab. Fired from Dior - they would have to upon the release of the video with what I think (hope) are insane rants.

    I'm just so shocked and sad. Apparently not the first time he's ranted at La Perle, drunk out of his mind. I suppose he kept all this from his friends.

    It's so sad. John is a genius, perhaps a mad genius and perhaps the hatred of Jews is real. That's so hard to imagine.

  6. @Innewyorktomorrowparis I'm so pleased friends have helped him take that step towards rehab. While I wasn't too certain what his pychological state was or is, I think that it's a good move.
    Comitting himself to this I think portrays him in a different light, of being remorseful and having a genuine regret of what he said. He values the house's reputation and his own label. :)

  7. @MADMSL ... I hope he'll be ok and receive good care. Sometimes these aberrations signify a pretty severe schizophrenia. He's always been kind and gentle and as a homosexual man from childhood endured the usual taunts. It's so unimaginable to perceive him as a cold-blooded monster.

    I so wish Dior would stick the team in place quickly so things can settle down.


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