Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentines day and the real reason she hates you, the edible thong, and would rather curl up with a pack of digestives and a Poirot DVD. 

She walks into the card shop to find the boring ‘dad’ cards with the pictures of boats and leaves on the front, mysteriously replaced by a garden of red balloons. Disoriented, she clings on to a passing child’s pushchair for support, not noticing there’s one too many Poundland bags on the handle.

She shuffles along nevertheless observing her surroundings through squinted eyes. She sees A1 sized cards that couldn’t fit into your garage, never mind the small A6 sized bag the sales assistant is cramming it into. She quickly bustles past quickly snatching up a ‘to hubby, from me’ card before pirouetting out of the scarlet nightmare and into the safety or the car.

 If you are the lucky girl that ends up with the Cookworks blender from Argos, and not the Agent Provocateur dressing gown, it's not the end of the world.  If you're not sure what to write in the humongous A1 card, because dissertations have been written on less surface area, that's also OK.

Enjoy your day regardless, and sometimes it's best to skip the fancy pants dinner, and share a pizza and a bottle of pop with the mister. Happy Valentines day.


  1. Yes!!! A made up holiday with way too much pressure, with invisible scales to weigh the love. Who can win?

    Lovely for a girls night out!!

  2. This holiday has really grown into having a bad reputation. I feel as though it started as a day to recognize love, now it has turned into merely a time for jewelry stores to put on the pressure. I have really stepped back from this holiday and used it as an expression of love in general, for friends, family, and those dearest to me. I appreciate this day as a time when I express my gratitude towards those special people. I feel we've lost that feeling.

  3. i think it's just a day to spread the love to everyone :)

    F. ( x

  4. Yes various opinions.
    @Newyorktomorrowparis I personally feel it has, the holiday is another on to spend money on all things red and not enough to do with all things warm and alive, like people!

    @Matchless vision, yes the general consensus for using the holiday to celebrate love it has turned into something not so like it.

    @Francesca it is exactly that.

  5. Poirot box set - YES!!! I loved your hilarious story - ever done stand-up? xoxo

  6. Completely agree! Loved this post so very much. Thanks for the laughs.


  7. i secretly like valentines day :P
    but when everything else fails, ben and jerries solve all your problems! :P

  8. haha !
    i like an old fashioned valentine !
    i havnt commented in awhile but im still here


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