Sunday, 31 July 2011

driving me wild?

Walking through rails and rails of mid-season stock when it’s that awkward time between summer and autumn, isn’t the most ideal shopping experience. There’s the endless carriage of pushchairs, the dodgy air conditioning and the frighteningly catchy 90s dance music.
 You dart sideways to an item worth interrogating, check the price, and see if there's any buttons left on it. Then during its examination, someone begins to breath down your neck, eyeing the same item in your hand. You're determined to stand your ground, and you can almost hear the saloon doors swing open as you dig your spurs into the floors. 
Seconds later you’ve clearly won, and after a few frosty sideways glances she retreats, looking longingly back at the loot. So with sheriffs badge secure, you proceed to the till, blowing the smoke off your invisible gun, living to shop another day.
To avoid buying pieces you know will be attracting moths in your wardrobe next year, choose ones in neutral colours, or items you can re-work and renew. Just saves you throwing out the blue velvet flares you thought would make a comeback next season.

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