Tuesday, 20 September 2011

sleep chic?

Once upon a time, slippers were the comfy, toasty, sometimes ugly things that give your feet a home before bedtime. They're the things you look forward to after a day at the office or what your grandfather thinks accompanies a pipe. So why are they in Topshop?
The fashion world secretly enjoys comfort. Chanel in the 20's brought out the jersey sweater dress in an attempt to change the idea that women must always be corseted and restricted.  The industry have tried for years to incorporate comfort into fashion to make it look market worthy.
Uggs were never my favourite fashion item, but they were one of the first pairs of, dare we say 'slippers' to warrant the ability to be worn in a town without scorn or ridicule, contrary to what they deserved. So we see an ongoing autumn trend that resembles something quite baroque and roll.
Designer's such as Jimmy Choo have brought out versions of it, and has since been translated to the High Street in Kurt Geiger and Dune. It becomes all about comfort, and at the fraction of the price for heels you'll last 11 seconds in. I'm supporting the slipper movement, hopefully Halifax will support me too.\\\

The above are from Topshop £28

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