Sunday, 1 August 2010

Happy august.

Happy August everybody we are officially here and it feels fabulous. I don’t know what the weather looks like where you are but here it’s miserable as sin. Doesn’t feel very augusty at all.

Anyway today I looked back and realised how disorganised I was for autumn last year. There was no coat, no bag, no scarf and even a hippie would object to flip flops in the snow, come on!

So I’ve devised a cunning plan, muahahahaha…ha! MAKE A LIST!

List all the things you think you’ll need this fall, from the nail polish to the socks to EVERYTHING! You can save time and money, so when it is winter, you’ll be as toasty as toast.

So key items…

the check list

staple pieces for…

the chic

A cape (less Batman, more Balmain)

A fur coat (faux please!)

A pair of suede peep toe wedges

the meek with chic

A khaki green blazer

A brown leather satchel (vintage)

A pair of penny loafers (very mod)

the chicest freak

A bowler hat (Charlie Chaplain)

A bright paisley scarf (vintage)

A maxi or midi skirt

statement pieces for…

the chic

A really big clutch (bigger the better)

A brocade blazer (with gold buttons –haberdashery)

A very frilly blouse (Marie Antoinette frilly!)

the meek with chic

A leather jacket (try to find gold studs and zips on it)

Tapered trousers with a detail on them perhaps

Low distressed ankle boots (All Saints)

the chicest freak

The bag in my ‘wear me’ area in the sidebar from Lunacy Boutique

Something leopard print shoes or a top

The granniest crop jumper you can find (vintage, from when your were 5

Or off a pensioners back maybe (no they will arrest you))

Below are a few of the above looks…

The chic


The meek with chic

Chocolate Cream

The chicest freak

My granny shoes rock.

Organising and effective planning

are key for a non malfunctioning

wardrobe. But have fun

while you do it and

experiment. Budget if

you can but don’t get

caught in the rain in your


So what’s going on your a/w checklists?


  1. Hahaha this is so true- i always end up so disorganised as well, adding more things onto my wishlist as the season goes. I love the outifts you've put together! i cant decide which "chic" i am - guess it depends on my mood! :P

  2. You're right it does
    depend on on the mood
    and it's great to do
    all! Thanks Kim.

  3. Love that first set with Chanel - those winged platform shoes are insane!
    Great list - love capes too. A brocade blazer and frilly blouse sounds divine - post pics if you find good ones!

  4. thank you for the lovely comment. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well! Consider me a follower. I can't wait to look through more of your older posts.

  5. I really love the 2nd look :]

    Well I think I have to buy all these things! Thanks for writing a shopping list for me ;)

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I really like yours! By the way: Nice Karl Lagerfeld quote :]

    Have a great day!

  6. I think I'm 'The chicest Freak' I really dig that creepy prom ring.


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