Monday, 9 August 2010

bare essentials

There are two things in life I can’t live without. My phone (which contrary to popular belief isn’t that great, and I can just about access my calculator), my coin purse and my Nivea lip balm stick. Bare essentials.

As citizens/citizenettes of modern society, there are some things you would put in your bag that perhaps your grandmother wouldn’t i.e. a set of nail polishes that would be quite content on your dresser at home or 3 ear buds that roll around in the bottom whilst she would pack a set of indigestion tablets and a packet of crackers and a banana (just in-case).

I asked a few people out and about what unnecessary item they always carried in their bags, one actually said fly spray… (I made my excuses and moved on). Another person said a mini dictionary, (I squinted and went on my way) and the last person I asked said an empty bottle…(they didn’t really have an explanation for that one, but I was hoping it was for something sordid) ;)

So what’s in your bag and what item

should you be living without?


  1. This was my fav season
    of Chanel!

  2. oops sorry,
    I missed out the
    in Sycadelics lol

  3. Thanks for following my blog, I'm now following yours too!
    I really don't think I have anything too weird in my bag...wallet, phone, and a pen usually.

  4. Thanks for following Cabootique.

  5. i always carry a book around with me, even though i have no time to read during the work day and reading on the train to and from work makes me motion sick.

  6. I love whats-in-your-bag posts. What I carry around in my bag changes all the time, but I always, always, always carry my Canon camera with me. The few times that I haven't were the times when I really wished I had it. Ever since, it hasn't left the inside of my bag.

  7. And me @ Ashley motion sickness isn't great, especially on long boring journeys :(
    @ C'est freak, a camera out and about is a must to be fair. It's Sod's law 'when you leave it you'll need it'
    @ bmach, babe whats your blog, i've not been able to see the link on your google page to check it. :(

  8. Things my bag always have are: cologne, face powder, avon lipstick, cellphone, hanky and comb.I even sometimes bring a book.

  9. I have all the things necessary in my bag, especially make up and lipstick. And ofcourse wallet and cellphone.

  10. Usually the kitchen sink and a pair of high heels (to change into from flats)

  11. In the winter I always find pairs of socks cluttering my bag, they bypass my feet when I am running late and end up chllin' around my bag until the frost bite sets in at work :)

  12. In my bag I always carry my phone, wallet, keys, glasses and lip gloss. If I have these few things, I can get through any day!

  13. @Veshoevius what a great idea and also vice versa!
    Haha! @Beautiful Things socks are definitely a source of my own bag cluttery!
    @xC-Ax oh yes those are the bare essentials

  14. i change my purse/bag almost everyday and the only things that remain there all the time are: cell, keys and wallet. all else is not really needed to be honest. so no weird stuff i carry around... =D

  15. I've downsized as I'm sick of losing stuff in my big bag! Now the bare minimum is:
    lipgloss (instant perk up), phone, wallet, little notebook and pens (I'm a journo), iPod shuffle and buds (my bag is small!), Tic Tacs, bandaids (you never know!), folded up cloth eco bag (for shopping), sunnies and one of my kids' drawings:).
    I love this post!


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