Sunday, 15 August 2010

each to their own... to be fair

My t-shirt and socks (though they may be odd) and my slippers are my ‘BFF’s’ after walking around in 4 inches all day. On the train home I was thinking about what to post to you guys next and then a girl who was actually wearing tights ‘disguised’ as leggings walked by and showed me the light... literally.

Personal style.

…‘I love fashion’, this statement is old news. Style is what you make it, what you choose to drag on in the morning. It doesn’t need to have come off page 4 of Vogue or cost the earth because price was never what fashion was about. (Unless you want to go into your overdraft, Visa will not be amused.)

Trends are guidelines. You follow them but you never really FOLLOW them.

Fashion’s about feeling good in what you’re wearing, that tingle or feeling of ‘I look like sex… on the beach’ when you’ve finally found something to wear with those MARROON shoes you just had to have. Priceless.

Variety is key. If you’re mad about vintage mix it up, don’t end up looking like the cat lady in Simpsons. If you’re a bit prim and polished mix it up there’s always something else going on that’s a bit grungy and risqué. However it all comes down to what you’re comfortable in, like I said or meant to say earlier there are no rules, just guidelines. New season, new wardrobe!

(i really wanted those platforms back then)

so what does personal style mean

to you and what do you

think is your personal


Update me guys!


  1. great post, loved it! My personal style changes depending on my mood. One day I could be rocking a pair of white jeans, a jack wills shirt and some brogues, but the next day I might fancy leggins, a long tee a pretty cardy and some boots x

  2. @ BeautifulThings:Me too, all about variety, style should be temperamental really!

  3. Oh my goodness, the Spice Girls were my favorite. I also always wanted to snag a pair of their sky high platforms. What made them so cool? I agree with Beautiful Things.. My personal style changes with my mood. Last year I was all about rocker chic and dying my hair black--this year I want a more sophisticated look since I'm a recent college grad.

  4. hi again! of course i'm following back! oxx

    about this post, i TOTALLY wanted those platforms. oh my gosh, i wanted them so badly it's embarrassing to think about it, haha!

    i love your point about trends being guidelines... too true!

    kisses dear!

  5. oh, I love to hear what is other's take on style, too!

    personal style to me is a continuation of me in a combination with who I want to be. as I say "I am every me". it doesn't mean that I'm punk one day and elizabeth taylor the other. though I might get into that taylor look. but punk is not me nor it is what I want to be.

    my personal style is in search of its name!

  6. Great post :]
    Variety is definitely the key :]
    I think personal style is a way to express who you are or who you want to be!

    "Fashion fades only style remains the same" :)


  7. lol i wonder if we will all look back at this point in time, and think, "wow we were so lame". the spice girls werent lame though, they were rockstars. :)

  8. Ah Coco Chanel, her wisdom is legendary. But
    yeah, style is all about the individual @ Stephanie
    @ The Perpertrator... Nope, we'll be cool
    forever, as long as we go NOWHERE near those
    platforms EVER!

  9. Your blog is fantastic!
    I just read about twelve pages and don't want to stop although my work probably wont be very understanding if I dont show up..
    Anyway, kudos on all your skill.

  10. @Ashleigh Thanks ever so much for your kind words sweet, i'm glad you like it.
    P.S it's ok to have a cheeky read
    from time to time! ;)

  11. Love your blog, it is super adorable!!!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

    I'm your newest follower!!!!


  12. Who on earth was in charge of the Spice Girls wardrobe back then????

  13. @ Veshoevius: No idea, ♥ the 90's :( The fatal attraction to printed suede and all things silver. tutters. MADMSL.x

  14. Personal style is when you are shopping with your friends and they point out a top or a bag that is "you".It is your signature, no matter what it is and it sets you apart from everyone else.


  15. Hahahaha it's funny that you would mention the cat lady from the simpsons, when my friends and i are talking about looking "hobo"y we always mention that crazy cat lady. Anyway, great post! Personal style to me is constant because of your personality, but always changing too because of your mood! It reflects what's on the inside and what i like about it is that theres no right or wrong. Who is to judge!? Honestly i wouldn't be able to "define" my personal style, its funny how the people around us seem to be able to say thats "so you" before you even think of it sometimes, haha. Anyway yes.. mini rant over. I like your posts:)

  16. Oh my god I loved the Spice Girls, I may even love them still !
    Haha, we all need a good pair of platform pumps in our lives, I'll have to say.

    Love the blog post!
    Thanks for the comment :)
    Consider me a follower!


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