Monday, 23 August 2010

excuses, excuses.

Towards the end of the working month our wallets decide to go into diet mode, Jenny Craig.

The woes of the shop window. Mannequins mocking. Look of disparity.

I’m ashamed to say I have one of the most bulimic purses ever. See scarf, must buy, see frock must rock, spiralling into throwing money at the sales assistant and making off like a thief in the night, swag bag in grasp. I’m not the only one. We love to shop.

However smart buys have been the way forward for 2010. I did say new season, new wardrobe, but it’s not an excuse to go out gallivanting and buy rail after rail because you can. Needs must.

The shop lady isn’t wrong, your card is declined and it doesn’t feel very chic.

‘Needs must’ my eye! We must shop!

But of course encourage a healthy wallet and leave dosh for any savings or daily necessities like chocolate and the morning coffee then perhaps slip in the occasional pair of shoes and Topshop’s Autumn range. (which is fabulous!)

bargains guys, what's

been your ultimate one

and are there any sites or shoppies you'd

reccomend to us so we can

find that sensible but

oh so gorgeous a/w piece.


  1. i know what you mean, especially when it's a bargain like the sparkly black flats i found recently at target for $13!!! or gorgeous $4 rings at charlotte russe.


  2. running out of money defo sucks! being a poor student I went on a bit of an e-bay binge yesterday, but it was so cheap I had to keep clicking all these 'Buy Now' items so I had to pay and couldnt change my mind :) x

  3. My best advice is to shop out of season (if you can). For example, I was in TJ Maxx yesterday and a whole bunch of summer stuff was on sale. I wasn't too much in the mood for trying on clothes, so I didn't, but had I been, I'm sure I would've found a deal or two. However, I live in the South and when it's blazing hot, it's hard to think of coats and jeans.

    Thanks again for mentioning me in the WEEK 1'S FINEST!


  4. I am much the same. The clothes talk to me just like in Confessions of a Shopaholic I have to take my sister sometimes so that she will drag me out of stores my purse unscathed!!!

  5. @Liz, well that sounds like a bargain, what I like to hear. @ Beautiful Things Ebay is the main culprit for my purses weightloss I tell ye, you can get everything! Vintage, tat, jewellery, EVERYTHING!
    @Courtney you're a very luck girl, only one season to shop for!
    @Stylish Sinead they do talk, especially when you get to the chaging room and they end up looking fabulous they sing to you and all sorts.

  6. Thanks for the mention on this weeks finest!
    I have been known to go without the morning coffee in order to buy shoes at the end of the month!
    My experience with ebay has been mixed - Its true I've found many a great bargain for quality items but also have been fleeced for one too many an item that amounts to expensive tat - and all those bidding wars - the stress! So I took down my paypal to stop me from even looking and put the money towards the high street pieces instead. It certainly focused the mind to have a spending avenue cut off!
    I'm with you on the Topshop AW collection - it is awesome. My other tip is Cos - if you want to do minimalism and get expensive looking stuff that is not too expensive head there.

  7. I love your blog! How about link-exchange?

    Best, Jenny

  8. I'm getting ready to move and I have to figure out what I need for my new - work - wardrobe. I have a budget of $300 and I am only buying key pieces.... but I'm buying them in all neutrals. I love color but I know full well that I'll have plenty of color to dress them up with if I don't buy something outrageously colorful right away!

  9. I plan! And plot. For a long time. I try really hard not to make impulsive purchases. I'm sort of at the point where I'm trying to build up my wardrobe full of "classics" that I can continue to wear into my 30's and still look halfway decent.

    I also stalk places like gilt and bluefly and yoox. Designer things for less? Only because they are a season old? No one is going to care that my cashmere turtleneck is from 1999 as long as it fits right and looks good!

    Classy and Delicious

  10. Obviously you know how I feel about bargains after visiting my blog! I've gotten a ton of compliments on my less-than-$5 Goodwill blazer [grey] and my $13 TJMaxx purse.

  11. Omg that's so me!! I'm such an impulse buyer. Best places for a deal--right now I'm really loving Shop Ruche, but on my blog I also did an interview with Peppermint Vintage, who also has a lot of really cute stuff on her blog!

  12. @Hannahbelle, I think it's a good budget for getting in the key pieces and the basics, wishing you best of luck sweet.
    @Erica, haha plan and plot! Love it. Versatility is important and also hard to find depending... i've always wanted one of those dresses like on the ads that take you from day to night!
    @Val at B&theB, I'll have to check that out to be fair!


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