Wednesday, 1 September 2010

september blues and flu's

So September has officially slapped us in the face then, truth be told, the evenings are getting a little bit darker and the Indian summer I predicted just hasn’t arrived therefore my shorts are safely tucked away in the back. The fan heater’s coming out a lot more as well to warm the old walkers, and it’s got me thinking about probably one of the most important pieces of an A/W wardrobe…

The Coat. (Mine’s fur)

Depending on the look you're going for this season will determine what outerwear you’ll go for. Agreed?

But may I offer you all a suggestion savvy shoppers… ‘Make it versatile’.

A coat may be an investment for you, where you’ll part from quite a few pennies in order to get what one you’d want, so I’d make it count if I were you.

Let’s weigh up a few pros and cons shall we, as you do in a general smart shop…

(Beautifully demonstrated by the Topshop A/W collection)

the a-line alice

Topshop Wool Swing coat £85/$131

Pros: Cute, warm, on-trend, easy to throw on

Cons: can’t wear with flares and the Alice look may get a bit samey for you

Versatility-ometer- 50%

the hooded polyester

Jersey and Cotton Parka £65/$100

Pros: Has a hood, great for military distressed look

Cons: The flare issue and slightly monotonous to wear and accessorise.

Versatility-ometer- 55%

the leathery leather

Chain Shoulder Biker Jacket £150/$231

Pros: Suits all pockets, suits most shapes, can dress up and down, accessorises brilliantly

Cons: No hood, suits autumn weather best.

Versatility-ometer- 90%

the drenched trench

Premium Godet Check Trench £195/$300

Pros: Cost effective to buy elsewhere, on trend, can wear casually or formally

Cons: Flatters only certain shapes due to belt accent, the flare issue may occur making you look a lot shorter.

Versatility-ometer- 70%

the cat

Patchy Faux Fur Box Coat £80/$124

Pros: Warm, great for vintage luxe look, cute

Cons: When weather strikes hard to dry and launder. Needs taking care of like a cat.

However you want it this season,

is versatility important to your wardrobe?

Name one of your most wearable items.


  1. Luckily for me I live in the South so the transfer from the summer to fall isn't a shock. I do need a new jacket, however!

  2. This makes me want to seek out a new fall/winter jacket, though it doesn't get too cold here in Texas normally.

  3. I love that fur!

    Thanks for the link-exchange, dear!

    You`re in my blogroll!

    Best, Jenny

  4. Hot country people I am as envious as sin for the sun you're getting, not wearing a coat is a small price to pay! Bring on the hot-pants! @Courtney and Second hand smash
    @ In New York Tomorrow Paris, they're not too bad are they :D

  5. In definite need of some winter coats as an investment. I get distracted by blazers and trenches constantly :P

  6. @StylishSinead yep blazers are a main culprit, very versatile and gorgeous for inbetween weather but probably not to brave the gales! :D
    @Ms.Chyme@ Ta sweet.

  7. AMAZING. Can't wait for the fall to wear all of these beautiful stuff

  8. Diggin the parka!


  9. Lovely blog. I found you through IFB and I can tell that you have a great sense of style.
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  10. Its hard to think about winter coats already! But thank you for the tips. I will have to get on that.

  11. Oh thank you so much for including me in your Week 2 picks and for your lovely comment! Having just come out of winter, I would recommend a cape for autumn, it's so versatile as you use it as a layering piece as the weather cools. And for winter you can't go wrong with fur - so warm, even if it's faux. I love the faux fur you've picked out! xo

  12. Grr I knew we wouldn't get an indian summer :(, but I love winter shopping and i think a good coat is defo one of the most important items, along with a good pair of wellingtons!

  13. love these- i'm all about a good leather coat.


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