Tuesday, 21 September 2010

6ft tall and nights over cobblestones

Gossip Girl is officially back for its fourth season and the beautifully dysfunctional duo Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are safely back on our screens (or PC screens via megavideo like me). I convulsed with excitement as I actually found a link that worked and heard the opening words sweet on my ear, ‘Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattans elite’.

The return of the hit show also means the return of fall fashion for us, another wardrobe change, another set of trends, fast fads, purse busting shopping and avid preparation.

We’ve seen the coats, seen the outfits but have we seen the footwear.

By now we’ve established the imminent threat to toes worldwide, the threat that ‘heels are autumn’s new footwear silhouette’. Anything historically flat now has a heel. The military boot-heel, the brogue-heel, the desert boot-heel. It’s all very heely and I must admit it does looks great. If you can walk the distance and still look brilliant and not end up limping to the side smiling through a pained expression then let’s bring on the flip-flop...heel. Très chic.

Let’s walk through a few of the heels of A/W 10, beautifully demonstrated by ASOS.com and you can make your own conceptions.

the wedge

The wedge is an easy shoe to walk in. There’s more support for the heel to avoid falling flat on your back in front of your future husband and looks great with most of the seasons trends this year.

Remaining chic through discomfort-6

the block heel

The block heel, usually featured on a military boot-heel or on a leather one is also a relatively easy heel to walk in.

It’s usually got grip on the bottom for those slippery wet autumn days walks, but after half an hour or so the balls of your feet may get a tad sore due to lack of support at the arch.

Remaining chic through discomfort-4

the stiletto heel

A stiletto heel will always look great, but the comfort level will always be -1 unless painstakingly worn in. The trouble in stilletoey paradise is there isn’t much support at the heel and so the leg muscle starts working to help you balance and the toes become cramped as most of your weight rests on the balls of your feet resulting in a pigeonous totter over to the side for a quick shoe change.

Remaining chic through discomfort-0-2

Some may be blessed with a tolerance for heel wearing, but what do we all think about the growing trends for sky high to sky low footwear this season? Are they worth the blisters?


  1. great post! i am LOVING wedges at the moment!
    Also, pretty psyched for the F21 store opening in Brum, a couple of us Tantrum girls study in Birmingham!



  2. Thanks, it's ace that you like our mag. Your blog is pretty great too. Yeah, bullring websites job section has listed some jobs for it and said there will be open interviews in Sep/Oct but still no confirmed dates. I'd love to work there!


  3. I cannot walk in them or wear them for too long. Also, I'm already 5'10". I love looking at them and admire the artistry!

    I am excited for Gossip Girl, too!


  4. you're such a great writer! love the Gossip Girl intro. I'm obsessed with the show. and I think sky high shoes are beautifully worn on other people, but for me I can't walk in anything that's not completely flat. but I'm wanting a pair of wedges so bad! good to hear they're easy to walk in ;)


  5. i love the first pair! & i'm absolutely & forever in love with GG!

    sky high shoes are definitely style staples & sometimes they are worth the blisters... but i do like to keep my flats close for most of the days..

    come participate in my giveaway if you like! :)

    kisses from http://www.sweetfancytreat.com

  6. Oh so very tricky - love heels but they have their limits. Wedges are here to stay cox they're soooo comfy!

  7. totally worth the blisters. you are a girl after my own heart with this post! Shoes are my "thing", especially if they have an outrageous heel :)

  8. Well I am 5'11 and I hate walking in the store and seeing these tall heels. Some of these heels are about 6 inches tall with chunky soles underneath the entire shoe. I just stick to flats these days so I can look normal around all the girls wearing the skyscraper heels these days. Great post...

    Have a great New Year,

  9. well,i can totally relate cu amber..i'm 5'10...loving these high heels, but i'll have to stick with something more appropriate

  10. I love every shoe that is in this post. Personally, I think they're worth the blisters. Then again, I'm obsessed with heels! I'm "vertically challenged" so it helps with the height issue too (:

    XO Bree

  11. @BreeCab Haha, vertically challenged,
    oh yes heels are an obsession and theyr're the
    foundation of a great outfit!


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