Wednesday, 13 October 2010

batman forever.

Hi guys! Been away for a few weeks and it’s been absolutely hectic, up to my eyes, up to loads, and loads more to talk about. Glad to be back.

Anyway fashion waits for no man and nor do I so let’s go.

What’s new pussycats? Whoa.

There’s a particular fall piece I’ve been trying to get my fingers around for a while. Less Batman and more Wonderwoman adding a pair of heels. The cape.

A fall necessity?

You see them on the catwalks of Yves Saint Laurent and Hussein Chalayan and then you’ll see them on the high street and think ‘well it’s on trend’, get to the changing room, shift it across your shoulders a bit, Tyra Banks it and throw some shapes and come to the conclusion you look like an actual bag. (No offence to the fabulous ones who have bought one and look amazing in it)

After careful consideration concerning the piece of material hideously cut with holes for your arms to poke through, I’ve decided that the reason the cape looks like a shuttlecock on a stick may well be to do with our various sizes and generally the way it’s portrayed to be worn.

The Cape may not be as forgiving to the curvier woman because sideways it could potentially resemble a tent whilst the petite slimmer woman can end up looking slightly drowned and therefore I am in two minds whether to embrace this item of clothing, not sure.

Apparently this is how it’s done…

from left to right: Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively (chic)

Apparently this is how it isn’t...

from left to right: Lady Gaga (in Marc Jacobs =O), Fearne Cotton and Mischa Barton (in some sort of pagan cloak?).

i'd love to know what you guys think because
honestly, im not sure. So share your views.
Are capes a bit too Batman?


  1. I loooove capes! American Apparel had a really great one awhile back. I think Blake looks lovely in hers! What can't Serena van Der Woodsen do though, really?

  2. I am a big fan of capes, they are so comfy! :D

  3. Loving capes right now and I can't believe the one GaGa is wearing is from Marc Jacobs!

  4. Capes are a must this fall. They just shouldn`t be too big or colorful.

  5. @ Jessie Lou, i'll have to go and have a bit of a look,
    @stephanie, they indeed look comfy!
    @Maya, yeah i was surprised too, she usually commissions obscure pieces as we know but never though she'd choose an MJ.
    @Boheme noir, i agree with that statement, it may be an item of moderation

  6. I've noticed most styles these days blur the definition of 'cape' and 'poncho'. Since they are not capes in the true sense I think they are totally wearable. I do think that length should be a key factor, for example if you're huge don't wear a tiny capelet and if you're tiny don't drown yourself in the biggest poncho/cape/coat

  7. loving this! i would like to find something like that one worn by blake lively:)

  8. Thanks for the comments! Wow I love this post! I really like how your blog is very simple and professional I wish mine looked like that haha. I 'm not particularly fond of fashion with a cape or poncho. I really like the look with blake lively. Actually I love your blog! I am now following! Hope you can follow back!


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