Wednesday, 8 September 2010

smells like success

I love… when a guy (that you usually wouldn’t go for) walks past and you smell his cologne/aftershave. He, in that moment seems more attractive, more alluring and as he’s finally past you, you turn to look and your opinion on this guy is completely different. Interesting, but what is it about fragrance that changes moods and generally makes the moment fabulous?

We’ve all seen the adverts, a gorgeous sun tanned blond strutting down a corridor, 5 inch Louboutins, everyone’s eyes follow her and as she stares at you with the over the shoulder ‘come hither’ look, whispering... ‘Seduction’ the newest fragrance by John Doe.

I might add it’s not as superficial as that, forgive the mockery, but there is a process to finding ones signature fragrance. It’s like finding your favourite drink in Starbucks, it’s a case of trial and error, you may not like a blended coffee Frappuccino but later on down the line you’ll try a caramel macchiato and really like it!

Coco once said a woman without fragrance has no future. This is not an excuse to go crazy in Bloomingdales or House of Fraser, but understand her logic. You’ll be remembered for your brilliant personality and also the stuff that you just ‘happened to throw on’ that morning.

Try finding fragrances for different occasions to start with for interviews, evenings out, holidays/vacations, special date. Being a ‘fragrance guru’ I shall part with a few words of wisdom for choosing one and also suggesting the ones that won’t decline your Visa (by RRP) ;)


Just got paid- DKNY 100ml- £45/$69

Quick treat- Paul Smith Extreme 50ml- £31/$47

Money dwindling- Ghost Luminous 30ml- £22/$34


Just got paid- D&G Light Blue 100ml-£55/$85

Quick treat-Gucci Envy me 30ml-£33/$51

Money dwindling-Boss Femme 30ml-£26/$40


Just got paid-Stella by Stella McCartney 100ml-£59.50/$92

Quick treat-Boss Orange 30ml-£26/$40

Money dwindling-Burberry original 30ml-£29/$45


Just got paid- Gucci Flora 75ml EDT-£58/$89

Quick treat-Nina 50ml-£34/$52

Money dwindling-Amor Amor by Cacharel 30ml-£23/$35


Just got paid- Marc Jacobs Daisy 100ml EDT- £53/$82

Quick treat-DKNY Fresh Blossom 30ml EDP- £30/$46

Money dwindling-Christina Inspire 100ml- £23/$36


Just got paid-Armani Code EDP 75ml- £64/$98

Quick treat-Kenzo Amour 30ml- £36/$55

Money dwindling-Ghost Deep Night 30ml- £22/$34


*D&G Light Blue

*Marc Jacobs Daisy

*Carolina Herrera 212

*Gucci Flora

*Lacoste Pour Femme

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

what's your can-do perfume, what
makes you go ooorrhh yeshhh?
Does price matter? Cheap and
cheerful, or pricey and...
you get the point :)


  1. I loved how you started this post.
    It's so true what you said about how a fragrance can seem to enchant you.
    Love the blog.

  2. Fragrances are completely alluring. They can make or break a first meeting with someone, depending upon how the scent makes you feel. Humans have such memory dependency on smell that any scent can bring back positive or negative events in your life, thus altering how you perceive someone. Its very interesting. Nice post.

  3. This is great! While scouring for heavily discounted fragrances due to my zero budget, I've discovered Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb which is the most addictive scent I've ever experienced. But I couldn't afford it. But I do love Christina Aguliera, Kylie's Sexy Darling and Kate Moss. One day though, Flowerbomb SHALL be mine! xo

  4. I completely understand the random man walking by who smells good and you turn your heassd ALWAYS!Love it when it happens.

    I have 3 perfumes that I rotate, depending on the mood I'm in.

    1)Paul Smith Rose....LOVE this perfume, it's floral yet strong.Not very girly.Paul Smith makes great perfumes.

    2)Jean Paul Gaultier Classique....don't think I need to say more about this.It's timeless.My friends always say, "Someone walked by me today with YOUR smell on".I suppose it's nice to have a signature scent that your friends know you by!

    3) Chanel Eau Tendre....this is my easiest day time scent.It's soft and feminine without being overpowering!!


  5. PS: You must check out this website!!The PR agency I used to work for represents it.Amazing deals on perfume and cosmetics....terrible website name!

  6. that is such a true post! A guy definitely seems more attractive if he smells good :]

  7. @Becca thankyah much!
    @ Matchless Vision fragrance is alluring, it fills your senses and you just feel alot better, hence a great confidence booster!
    @Pull your socks up, Ghost Sweetheart is a great alternative for VikRolf Flowerbomb lovers, try it out! You have a very sweet taste.
    @Collage, love Chanel Chance eau tendre, very reminiscent of MJ Daisy, I need to invest in 100ml it's gorgeous! and P.S I live on :D
    @Steph, yep it pretty much does the trick dare I say.

  8. my bf will always love eternity moment because that's what i wore when we first met/started dating. i wear chloe now and it's perfect. he wears ralph lauren romance for men. it's a more subtle choice than the d&g he used to wear, but still smells amazing on him.

  9. i'm looking for a new daytime/in class perfume. this post is perfect!! i wear prada amber or idole d'armani for dates/at night/in deep winter. not sure why just for those though. but now i'm afraid i'll be heading to the mall to try out all of those scents above! i love perfume but can't find one that really fits me

  10. So true about a guy and his cologne :)

  11. @ashleynicole, love eternity moment, very fresh very feminine. Did you know Calvin Klein determines his fragrance names by his relationships. Must have been a rocky one when he made Escape.
    @Ginger, babe it's a journey to find one of your greats but when you do buy a large, fragrance has a habit of getting discontinued.
    @maya, it is yeah. ;)

  12. i really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing!

  13. oh-la-laa! fragrance! did you know that smell is the most powerful of the senses? you can say that your sense of smell is awful and you don't feel a thing, but then you feel this ONE PARTICULAR smell and you're thrown back ten years when you were eating strawberry ice cream with your friend at a zoo :)

    this is why finding your perfume is so important to me. and I've been looking for a looong time. and then I found it. three of them. you've listed one - Boss Orange.

    and then the other two are:
    L de Lolita Lempicka and Miranda by Fragonard.

  14. What a brilliant post, I love that your recommendations range in price. I also agree that fragrance makes a big difference and you are almost certainly remembered by it - everyone has a 'smell'. I'm now a follower. :)


  15. I love Princess by Vera Wang, and I've used it for years. However, I think I'm going to switch. Guess has a new fragrance that kicks ass! My bf loves it!

  16. Thanks for the perfume advice!
    By the way lovely, you've got an award! xoxo

  17. Hey MDMSL - love flowerbomb, one of my faves

    I've shouted you with a sunshine award too!


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