Sunday, 31 October 2010

the best excuse EVER for you know what... ;)
Hiya guys apologies, this city never sleeps but i'm proud to say i'm back and i've got stuff to tell you.
For those extra excited about Forever 21's launch in the UK we now have times, dates and places. A source has told MADMSL that the Birmingham store will be opening on the 12th November in the Bullring (place with the bumpy dots) with 3 floors of explosive fashion retail. The stores opening will be giving neighbouring stores River Island, Topshop and H&M a run for their money as Forever 21 joins British High Street fashions' ''Big Three''. MADMSL will be at the opening.
Moving on ladies and gents, the industry success Fashions Night Out is now moving it indoors with Fashions Night In! Effective TOMORROW 1st November 2010 you will be prompted to get to your nearest computers, laptops, (mobiles that support the internet) and gorge on supporting stores brilliant deals, discounts and bargainity.

Tens of online retailers high end and high st. will be supporting Vogue's FNI names reeling down to the floor such as, Topshop, Kurt Geiger, Selfridges and many more to tantalise the pret-a-porter finger. The perfect excuse to get in the cherryade, Pringles and Pop Tarts. For my U.S beautiful readers it's the perfect opportunity to take your pick pieces of some of the English Heritage brands and save yourself a few pennies in the process.

Furthermore my lovelies, an issue has arisen...

case: are gaps fashions aquired taste?
There are people all over the world that proudly sport a gap, it's retro. I think.
There are agencies all over the world that wont take on someone who has one?
If you've come across British Vogues November issue, you'll see whos's on the front cover.
Lara Stone. Gorgeous flaxen haired model with, a gap.
I've asked a few people about their opinions on this since the issue launched as it occured to me that there maybe abit of I asked the question what they saw first on the photo, which most said was her gap. Surprise surprise. I asked what they thought about models who have them and they gave me varied accounts.
Danielle, one of the cycle winners of Americas Next Top Model was encouraged to abandon her gap to suit the requirements of what a top model is deemed to look like, she declined.
We understand what perfection means to any designer or creative individual, but most of all we know what it means to be different in an industry where chalk and cheese are served breakfast, lunch and dinner and Christmas Day. Staying power. Fashion is not a beauty pageant and fashion isn't pretty, it's a monstrous lifestyle that works beautifully in sync with madness.
what's your opinion?
beauty in the eye of the beholder?
be opinionated.


  1. I think you have to have the right attitude and confidence to pull off a gap, but in general i like them. it sets people apart and makes them memorable. I don't think Lauren Hutton and Lara Stone would be where they are without their trademark gaps. Well maybe Lara - the fashion world does have an obsession with her cleavage! ;)

    xo Kirsten

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you around more often!

  2. PS I would really appreciate it if you followed my blog. :) Will return the favor of course!

  3. I love seeing the gap on models, it's fab!

  4. I think in an industry like modeling, it is so difficult to stand out. And why should anyone have to change who they are to be seen as beautiful. No one should want to fit the
    "perfect" model stereotype, real women want to see other real women show off how beautiful they can be.

  5. i love the gap! bar none, she is gorgeous. but so are all models! the gap is natural, unique, and makes her stand out. the imperfection is beautiful.

  6. For me it was an aquired taste. I think it was more my upbringing in a conservative area where certain things automatically equaled pretty or good or bad. I've come to see things a lot differently now. I love seeing models with different looks.


  7. The general public complain about 'perfect' models but are very quick to criticise the slightest imperfection or difference. I think models can look however. Really there shouldn't be any rules.

  8. Oh wow! I didn't know Forever 21 had opened in the UK!
    So excited now :D

    X Laila - EnvySplendour


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