Thursday, 2 December 2010

brown paper packages tied up with...

As we can see, the festive season is upon us. We see it via the way of 3 for 2 offers on all seasonal veg which by Boxing Day will have a less than desirable effect on our digestive transit. We see it in the Christmas cards we get from colleagues with the price label half ripped off but we can still see it cost 65p!

Alas the festive season will keep protruding through endless Santa’s grottos, tacky gift wrap and a noticeable decline to our bank balance. In no way is Madmsl a festive grinch but I may have seen one too many Holy families encrusted with glitter!

So what do we get the buzzards then…. i.e. family, friends and the dog.

Since late November I think I may have compiled 5 Christmas lists. Each total more frightful than the next (I won’t share my budget hehe.) So what do you get? Staying within your budget, avoiding tacky gift wrap and keeping effortlessly chic whilst doing it. Let’s compile list number 6 shall we? You know how I like my lists.

the men

0-10- An item of clothing or their favourite toy

11-16-New Fifa 11 game, A DVD perhaps

17-25- Pair of Vans, new Diesel fragrance set

26- 40- Their signature fragrance, Aramis or Dior Homme

40+ Aspinal of London wallet (Ebay outlet), Engraved Parker Pen, MP3 player with 10 classical tracks already uploaded, perhaps a special Christmas greeting.

the women

0-10 years- Cupcake selection, A trip to Claire’s for ‘jewels’ and Lipsmacker lip balm, their favourite toy, or peter pan collar dress.

11-16- Makeup pallet, lip gloss selection, Harajuku Lovers fragrance

17-25- A nice watch, Lacoste Joy of Pink giftset, a vintage Vogue issue.

26-40- Their signature fragrance, YSL’s Cinema or Thierry Mugler’s Angel

40+ A leather 2011 diary, Pair of snuggly slippers, Silk scarf

the pet

Dog- A comfy new bed and chew toy

Cat- something that jingles or a scratching post, save the sofa

Bird-New cage with perch(es)

Hamster or furry rodent- a running ball (escaping has never been this much fun, just don’t leave the front door open)

Rabbit- selection of the finest seasonal veg

Any other ideas, what will you grab this xmas?


  1. OH I love the way those gifts are wrapped! So simple and cute!

  2. :] Great gift ideas :) And I love the picture! So cute :D

    Don't forget to Live.Laugh.Love.

  3. Oh, am so wrapping some gifts like this!!!!


    + + + + + + + + + + +

  4. Love the Christmas-Holiday
    post and also the gift selections
    sorry i couldnt get to
    you sooner...

  5. thanks for the lovely comment on my post!I couldn't believe it that Primark would have boots that were so nice!!And they are comfortable, I danced the night away in them earlier this week.

    Good gift suggestions by the way....might have to use some of them :)


  6. I just bought myself an early xmas gift. It was time to replace my half-broken MP3 player so I got a Sony 16GB MP3/video player.

    Sounds tacky but I never buy stuff for myself that I actually need.

  7. OOOO sounds fancy!
    Think I may get myself a new digital camera
    and some ViktorRolf Flowerbomb ;)

  8. Love slippers and wrapping presents in kraft paper, maybe with a decadent amount for a huge white tulle bow. Following you, was away and back again.

  9. I'm going to replace my horror of a mobile phone and wrap it up like in that picture! :D

  10. Hey Babe! It's Kat!! Thanks for the add, now following you! Love the blog.

  11. Sounds fabulous guys and good luck with the
    formidable task of wrapping, my card is officially maxxxxed!

  12. What an awesome gift list!

    I'm 15, but I'd really love to get something 17-40+ haha. And my bf who is 17 says he wants something 26-40, cause he hates Vans haha :DD Lol, we're weird, I guess :)
    I'm loving this blog! :) Followed ♥

  13. That's it, i'm going to wrap my gifts like that from now on. They look so so cute! <3



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