Wednesday, 22 December 2010

a christmas preflection
So it’s officially ‘3 sleeps’ until Christmas finally arrives.
We’ve done all the squeezing past, queuing for 5 days and 2 minutes. We’ve bought enough Jacob’s cheese cracker selection boxes to go round the family, immediate and extended and we’ve written the Christmas note disclaimer attached that says something like “don’t eat all at once” and in small print “nan is diabetic”.

After all the failed Christmas lists I think we all deserve a mince pie and a hot chocolate. It’s the time of year where we can revel in the carbs and cuddle up with the calories then come new year by way of a ‘new year’s delusion’ vow never to do it again.

Exchanging pleasantries with the family you only see on accident in Asda on Christmas day isn’t our favourite. We’d rather be curled up in a Agent Provocateur dressing gown watching ‘Scrooge’ or ‘Home Alone’. But the family arrives in tribes of five and six and although pretending to be asleep didn’t’ work, pretending to like the 3 pack of knickers your nan bought two sizes too big might prove a task. She dangles them at eye level for all to see and mimes “you’ll grow into them” as you mask your look of disparity at the baggy pastel cotton monstrosities. You find out later they’re thongs. However in the interest of tact and class you hold them up to yourself in the presence of aunties and uncles and receive them in the promise we’ll wear them in rotation forever.

Ashamed to call myself British as I have never watched the Queen’s speech after Christmas dinner. I’ve heard it’s equivalent of whale music as everyone is unconscious by the first vowel. Her Majesty should just execute a hymn with Kate Middleton round a honky-tonk piano. Surely it should keep up 3 or 4 members of the population.

Well this is my last post for 2010, I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts month by month! I’ve enjoyed it myself, and I hope you’ll keep reading into the brand spanking new year.
I should be back 1st January to do the first fashion broadcast-forecast of 2011 but until then have an effortlessly chic Christmas and eat all the mince pies you want! Merry Christmas from MADMSL.x (you cant see me but I’m blowing kisses and things).

christmassy messages welcome.


  1. "Whale music" - haaaaa!! Love it! I loved reading the comparisons between what you'd like to be doing and what really happens at Christmas - I think we've all been there!! Happy Christmas sweetie! xo

  2. Thanks darling, glad you enjoyed it! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!

  3. really funny post!!! love it, wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS and loads of great posts with the NY!!! Enjoy xxx

  4. I actually bought myself oversized underwear last year (accident!) and gave them to my grandmother
    who nearly died laughing when she saw how big they were.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas, Jenny

  6. The merriest of Christmases to you my dear! I can't wait to see what the new year brings for all of us! (I love how goofy and sassy this post is) Until next year!

  7. Love your blog, So glad I found it. Following + is seems that I am Your 100th follower! Congratulations =]


  8. @Pervesely Perfect, glad you like it and for being my 100th Follower!!!
    MADMSL salutes you!

  9. Merry, Merry Christmas!
    Please check out/follow my blog. I love yours!


  10. LMAOOO to the granny panties, my grandmother used to do the same... So much excess material! I'm still over here watching Christmas movies lol... I probably won't stop until January's over! No shame!! Merry Christmas!


  11. hope you had a lovely Christmas. On to the New Year! Not sure what to wear though....

    Looking forward to reading your blog in 2011 and thanks for taking an interest in mine in 2010! Much appreciated :O)

    Have a great New Year.


  12. @Collage, ah 2011 will indeed be something to
    look forward to, i've enjoyed reading your blog, glad you've enjoyed mine and as you've said... on to the new year!
    @Kris, MERRY BELATED XMAS to you too dearie!

  13. You do know you seriously have the best graphics and layout, j'adore your blog. Very tiresome to listen to proclamations from people who aren't financially involved in fashion - the buyers. Diana Vreeland was one to have listened to but alas she's gone now.

    Love to do mince pie and hot chocolate, preferably the delectably somewhat bitter Mexican hot chocolate.

    Seriously agree.


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