Wednesday, 19 January 2011

1. bold resistance to an opposing force or authorit
2. readiness to contend or resist.
3. basically saying hell no.

Happy New Year people of the internet, hope you've duly endured and enjoyed the festive season, guess what, it's over. Not a strand of tinsel in sight, not even a brussel sprout. They're in the BIN! They're nutritional value count for nothing!!! We march, armed with crumpled gift receipts to designated retailers and return what should never have passed quality control. Welcome back it's 2011. Good grief.

Defiance then. Doing your own thing.
We have painstakingly logged on Vogue and to know what's ahead.
We have rushed to the newstands, corner shops and magazine aisles nearly slipping and falling on newspaper scratchcards to know what it's all about
Spring/Summer trends. Celine, Chloe, Chanel, Dior, D&G, Derek Lam, Etro, Emilio, Erdem, Felder Felder, Fendi.
The list is enormous but we actually keep up, even though, the misfortune is, that we're not there, front row, rubbing shoulders with Clemence Poesy.

Back to defiance. I find... certain journalists tend to write and issue advice based on opinion rather than fact. Rather than regaling us on what is actually happening there's a lot of sought after hot air, for e.g. 'Brown scarves will be replaced with blue ones to bring in springs hottest colour'. If you write for an influential magazine there are bound to be at least a hundred people turning around and packing off brown scarves to goodwill stores and precious Oxfam. I don't find it valid if another publication is telling me 'brown scarves will bring out the green of your eyes this season', all because someone thought it sounded good when they wrote it down. Fashion doesnt consist of one person saying 'yeah this is how it's going to be' that's style.

My point is expressing originality this year is as important as it was last year, and keep reading your magazines, they're very informational but avoid soaking up someones mental tat. There are some absolutely fabulous trends this year, this season, catwalks are booming and the good news is you are the ones to bring it to your pavement or sidewalk!
So... have a gander.

the whitewash and the rise in bleach production and consumption.
This trend is fresh, chic and innovative. Not for those in close proximity to sticky handed five year olds.( we all saw what happened to Charlotte in SATC2, it was VINTAGE!)chloe
the rainbow and the reason why skittles worldwide will turn green with envy.
Some would say it's a great look, others are blinded. Perfect if you're not the monochromatic madam s/s suggests you are. Perfect excuse to get a new clutch... (in every colour) issa
the yoko ono and that progressive 70's scene
There's a lot more leg room i'll tell you that. Shorts, flares and rolls chiffon dominate the catwalks. I'm sure Mr Lennon would have written a song.
marc jacobs

now that we're fully into the new year let us talk politics... what say you on journalists and our most coveted
S/S 2011 trends?


  1. I`m really looking forward to wearing white!

  2. I do like the white on white sterile look too.

  3. I love that you bring up a big issue in the fashion world, being original. There is always an attempt to move away from what everyone else is doing. Thank you for pointing out what we all think about fairly often I would say. I fully plan to keep up with what is going but really trying to keep my own style and ideas going. Thank you for showing us some of what is coming up in spring... I can't wait to make it my own!

  4. @Matchless Vision... you're totally welcome. That's what MADMSL is all about! Glad you liked it love.

  5. Hi, I found your profile on ifb, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow you now :)

    Love the Marc Jacobs look, really amazing and sooo boho!

    xx viviane

  6. Your blog is great. :) Following.

    The content on your posts is very good. I will most definitely bookmark aswell.

    Keep in touch! Love,


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